Why is coolant important during cold weather?

Why is coolant important during cold weather? Most people only think about their radiators during hot weather. But as one of your car’s primary fluids, the coolant that goes into your radiator needs to be monitored all year around.

Coolant, also called antifreeze, is a vital fluid that keeps your radiator from boiling over during the summer, and, therefore, overheating. Conversely in winter, it keeps your radiator from freezing. In addition, the coolant mixture helps with lubrication (for the moving parts in the water pump).

So, what do you really need to know about antifreeze? Here’s a summary:

1. Antifreeze is mixed with equal parts water – it’s important to make sure this mixture is 50/50. There are kits you can buy to check the mix, or you can stop by one of our locations. We can quickly check it with our tool called a hydrometer.

2. We recommend having your antifreeze mixture checked seasonally and changed every other year, depending on its condition or according to your manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. Changing your antifreeze is part of a Radiator Flush Service. This service involves: a. Flushing out the old coolant with a descaler and a cleaner that removes deposits and cleans out the components of the radiator, engine block, and heater core. b. Filling the radiator with new fluid that has the correct antifreeze/water mix. This also contains a rust inhibitor and a pH balancer. 

4. Antifreeze is not always green! Based on its compounds, antifreeze can now be green, red, orange, clear , blue, pink or yellow. The choice must be made by consulting your owner’s manual. It is vital that you use the correct type of coolant for your vehicle. 

5. Finally, if you have any question, please contact us. Our managers will be happy to help you

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